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              I have rested for a week. I began to feel bored. So I went out with my friends. They are my best friends in the middle school. We didn’t go to someplace special. We just saw the other. We had lunch together. While we were having lunch, we were still talking about the new school and new friends. Yes! A year later, we have grown riper. And we learned much more things and got new life. We haven’t enough time to play, to waste and to lose the way. We only have two years. Two years to go, we will get the real life which belongs to us.




              January 28 20xx

              Yesterday we played happily, but there were only ten people. I remembered last year there were twenty-two people at all. I heard some my friends had gone abroad. They went abroad to study. Maybe I couldn’t see them in the future. I think next year we won’t make a party. Next year is a very important year. We all will prepare for the college entrance examination. It is the most important for us now.

              January 29 20xx

              I was bored. So I wanted to travel to Hong Kang. I told my father my decision. To my surprise, my father agreed. My father thought I always at home was bad. He thought I should go out to see our country clearly. How beautiful our country is! My father drove me a travel service. I filled out an application form. After that, the agency would finish every things. At last the agency told me it would take a week time to transact procedures.

              January 30 20xx

              The screen of my father’s mobile telephone is broken. When you open the mobile telephone, the screen is always white with light. You can’t see from the screen. And my father is a businessman. He needed a new one. So my father and I went to the electrical appliance shop. There are many new kinds of mobile telephones. At first, my father chose a Sumsung one. But all the telephones have sold out. Finally, my father chose a Motorola one.

              January 31 20xx

              The food in Shanghai disagree me. I think the food in Beijing is the most delicious. Seafood in Beijing is very fresh. Prawns in restaurant are all alive. And there are many food that you can’t see in other cities. It is very cheap that you eat seafood in Beijing. The less money you pay, the more enjoyable you are. Maybe my stomach is ill. Whatever food I eat, I am still thin. And I am too thin, I want to be a litter fatter. So I must eat more.


              When I was very young, I heard about the shaolin temple from the mouth of adults, and watched the series of "hundreds of shaolin heroes" on TV. Recently, I went to the shaolin temple with a tour group.

              The shaolin temple is a famous ancient temple with a history of nearly 2,000 years. The temple was very large, and we walked in through the gate about 2.2 kilometers. The whole temple was very quiet, and many towering trees were planted by the roadside. After the tree was the site of shaolin disciple kung fu.

              We first came to the martial arts performance hall and watched a wonderful martial arts performance. There are iron head work, needle wear balloon, children's work, mantis boxing, monkey fist, eagle fist, qigong, and so on, see I am thrilling, feast eyes, very good.

              Then we visited the temple of heaven, and I found that wei tuo was facing in the face, while in other temples, wei's burden appeared to be facing outwards, so I consulted the guide, and he told us a story. It turns out that a long time ago, one day, a fire broke out in the temple of shaolin, and a lot of demons and demons came out of the temple. Later, a careless monk made a sacrifice of the wei tuo, and became the face of the wei tuo of the shaolin temple today.

              Before the Ursa major, I saw on a block of marble shaolin temple in song and in the film "shaolin temple" episode "shepherd's song", also on stele engraved with beautiful fonts with finger for a long time.

              Out of the temple, we came to tallinn, the place where the ashes were buried after the high priest of the past. According to the number of apprentices and their wealth, the monks were buried in the tower of one, three, five and seven. The tower and the private tower, in front of which is mainly a private tower alone, and a common tower in the back. I have also seen the oldest tower in tallinn, which is only one storey high, and is already worn out, with sticks on all sides, for fear of falling...

              It was time to visit, and I was reluctant to sit on the battery car and leave. Although I left, the scene in the shaolin temple was always in front of me, and I couldn't calm down for a long time.


              I read an article today. It was about how people should try their best to save water. Water is very important for human being but some people are just wasting water. They don't turn off the tap after they finish using it. We should do better to save water.


              During the summer vacation, the children will travel, and I will go to guilin with my parents.

              We spent a day and a night train, came to guilin. We first visit the elephant trunk hill. The elephant trunk hill yamagata resembles a giant elephants elongation nose river pumping, make a round of bright moon in the water between the elephant leg, constitute a "xiangshan hidden wonders".

              The next day, we took a boat tour of the lijiang river. The water in the lijiang river was very clear, and the mountains in the li river were in various shapes: some like the Monkey King, like the wuzhishan mountain, some like the mountain of nine horses, and the other like the camel running... On both sides of the lijiang river, a smile curved back, as if waving welcome to our arrival.

              Boat rides, we came to "xanadu", where has beautiful scenery, fresh air, just like in wonderland. We rode the desire of the bamboo raft to swallow lake bridge, we have made some wishes. We came to a small village in primitive tribes, the chief lady "black pearl" waving to us. We trample dance and miao girl, and zhuang girl throwing a ball. "xanadu" make me with admiration.

              In the evening, we watched the big performance of "impression liu sanjie" by the li river. The performance was based on twelve peaks, with more than 600 performers acting... The performance is magnificent, extraordinary, deeply shocked the hearts of each audience.

              In the next few days, we visited fubo mountain, seven star park and reed flute cave. We visited different rock caves with different shapes and different stalactites.

              We flew back to Shanghai, sat on the plane, looked down at the city of guilin, and let me be reluctant to leave. I love the water in guilin!


              Today my parents took me to my grandfather’s house. I played with my cousin. Suddenly my cousin suggested going to the park and having a rest. “that’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the traveling. After lunch, the sky turned dark. After that , it rained heavily. It meant our plan is impossible. What a pity day!




              On Saturday afternoon, my father, my mother and I went to my uncle's house to play. My sister gave me a bag of water beads.

              I counted, the water bead baby (remove) is innumerable, because the water bead baby is too many! Some red, some white, some yellow, some black... It's really colorful, shiny and bright. It's very nice. When they're just bought, they're like beads, and when they're in the water, they're going to grow, but they're very soft and slippery, and they're going to break.


              Today, because of the hot weather, my father took me to the river to play, and brought a bottle of fish. When I came to the river, my father sat down under the big tree to catch the cold. I was playing with water and catching fish in the river.

              Suddenly, I saw a shrimp and thought it was a fish, so I was eager to put my arm around it, but it ran away. I went after it again, and it was not easy for me to enclose it with my hand, and put my arm round the bottle, and look carefully, ah, it was a shrimp. At this moment, I was like a deflated ball, suddenly soft. I thought: it is not easy to catch it, or to raise it up! Then I caught some fish and put them in a bottle with the shrimp.

              I proudly carried the bottle forward, stepping on a piece of moss on a stone. Only listen to "dong", I like a drowned chicken, all over the water. And the fish and shrimp in the bottle also took the opportunity to run, leaving an empty bottle in the water. I picked up the bottle and walked unhappily to the shore. It's "no chicken, no rice". As a result, I went home wet.

              At ordinary times, I am always in school and seldom have intimate contact with nature. I am unfamiliar with many things of nature, and I will have more contact with nature in the future.


              Today my parents took me to my grandfather’s house. I played with my cousin. Suddenly my cousin suggested going to the park and having a rest. “that’s a good idea.” I said. Then we prepared for the traveling. After lunch, the sky turned dark. After that , it rained heavily. It meant our plan is impossible. What a pity day! 今天我父母帶我去了外公家,我和唐/表,兄/弟/姐/妹一起玩。突然,我我和唐/表,兄/弟/姐/妹建議去公園玩,順便休息一下!澳鞘且粋好主意”我說到。然后我們為旅行準備著。午飯后,天變得昏暗,接著下起了大雨。那意味著我們的計劃不可能實行了,多遺憾的一天哪!

              Tomorrow is New Year’s Day, my family have had a completely cleaning for two days. Then my father and I decorated our flat and my mother cooked delicious food for our meal. After supper we watched TV program. How happy we were! 明天是春節,我家里以近在兩天前做了徹底的大掃除。然后我和爸爸一起裝飾家里,媽媽則在燒好吃的東西。晚飯以后,我們一起看電視節目,我們多高興呀!

              The day after yesterday I received 200yuan from my relatives as my pocket money. I was so happy but my father and mother said that I should give a half to them and the rest would be my pocket money in one year. “what!” I shouted.

              前天我收到了200元作為零用錢來自于我的親戚,我很高興,但是爸爸媽媽說要上交一半而且另一半要做為我一年里的零用錢!笆裁!”我大叫到。 回答人的補充 2010-08-24 18:47

              On July 20, sunny Get up early today is very hot, hot feeling uncomfortable. Breakfast mother let me accompany her to go shopping and I didn‘t go. Because it is too hot, move feeling on the finger to sweat.The city library to read a book this afternoon. Because the library have air conditioning can blow, but also more than books at home too. Conveniently checked total solar eclipse was visible material.

              7月20日 晴 今天非常炎熱,一大早起床就感覺悶熱的難受。吃完早飯媽媽讓我陪同她去買菜我也沒去。因為實在是太熱了,感覺動一下手指頭身上都在向外冒汗。下午到市圖書館看了一下午的書。因為圖書館有空調可以吹,而且書也比家里的多太多了。順便查了一下日全食的資料。

              On July 21, rainy days The weather of today is very comfortable, though the weather forecast said it is cloudy, but just a little bit rain, very cool.The weather forecast said it is cloudy, and friends about tto play basketball, but unfortunately, in the rain c


              Compared with over 100 days' exhausting school life, summer holiday is definitely a golden time for relaxation and entertainment. We can set aside the studies, lock away the textbooks, forget everything about school, and greet the new life with our arms open up. During the two months' loose, we enjoy ourselves thoroughly, sleeping till when the sun is high in the sky, playing computer night and day, watching TV as long as we want to, and traveling around like a tramp. Time rolls by, and it is not until at the end of the holiday that we suddenly find our home assignment remaining blank sheets of paper. Then we go mad, and devote the last days to fulfilling the homework. The same summer holidays pass year after year, and year after year, we regret when they come to an end. We regret having wasted so much time on recreations, instead of our lessons, and regret having worn away our youth in trifles.Although it was still the case this summer, I dare say this was the most fruitful holiday I had ever spent.

               Yes, the summer holiday I enjoyed most is this year's.At the very beginning of the holiday, our head teacher instructed us to make the most of the summer coming up, and then turn ourselves into bookworms. I took heart on hearing it, and at once mapped out a long list of hundreds of tasks I was going to perform. I was even in higher spirits in the first days of the summer, dreaming that I stuck to the whole schedule and became a super girl the next semester. But my ambition didn't stand the test of time. It was only a few days later that my attention was continually attracted by the Internet, novels, and shopping malls.

              Time flew surprisingly fast. When the vacation was already over, I realized in astonishment and despair that I had acted on only a half of my plan.However, I am now consoling myself with the thought that it is human nature to have a rest after a long term's study; hence it is not realistic to keep working hard, even though the horrible Senior 3 was just around the corner.

              Therefore, I am satisfied. I am satisfied with my daily routine in which I spent an average 9 hours in sleeping, 2 hours in eating, 2 hours in surfing the Internet, 6 hours in doing some trivial things which I couldn't even remember, and the other 5 hours in studying. After all, I have done my possible. What is more, I did have a precious pause between the intense school days, and seized the last chance to relax in my senior life. So, this was a holiday combined with rest and work, wasn't it?